•  A couple of years ago I blew out a disc in my neck and had two more that were bulging. The bulging and ruptured disc were pressing on nerves that ran down my left back, shoulder and arm.  My left side was a wreck of muscle spasms and pain for about 2 months. I had a bad time with the pain medications and so I had to figure out how to solve my problem without them for the most part.
     I have a very good Chiropractor and I also had Noelle working on my back and neck, arm at least once a week.  She helped me figure out how to stretch and exercise properly and relieved the pain tremendously. 
     I am recovered now and very grateful to Noelle for her great skill and compassion during a trying time in my life.  I recommend her highly.
     For all of you Zachary folks; yes the drive is worth it.  She really knows what she is doing.  C. Rust

  •  I have known Noelle for many years, she is a wonderful massage therapist.  The atmosphere at her office is so relaxing.  I was relaxed by the beautiful music before I ever got my massage.  Noelle is not just worried about you physical well being she is also concerned about your mental and spiritual well being as well.  Come see her, the name of her business speaks for itself,   Relax...Restore...Renew...Melinda Tyrone

  •  After having received my first massage at Noelle Leger's new place, I can say that it really lives up to its name. The beauty and peaceful atmosphere were completely relaxing, her excellent massage techniques helped restore my aching muscles, and I left feeling renewed in body and spirit. Noelle has been my massage therapist for over a year now, and the new location has added another dimension to her expertise: it is an oasis of peace in our hectic world.
     While I used to think a monthly massage was a "luxury," I have come to realize that it is one of the key elements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps me to deal with the ongoing stresses of life, that take a toll on my overall physical health, and aggravate some specific problems I have. It is a "re-creative" blessing to receive a therapeutic massage each month, and I would recommend it to everyone!   --Mrs. Glenn LeBoeuf  Walker, LA

  •  Noelle has been helping me with my chronic pain and fibromyalgia for close to two years.  She truly has an amazing gift.  I look forward to my bi-weekly appointments.  I don't know what I'd do without the relief she brings to me.  J. Meyn

  •  After suffering a neck injury six years ago, I have tried multiple things to help relieve my ongoing neck pain.  It wasn’t until I started massage therapy with Noelle that the neck pain was finally under control.  I’ve been getting massages for almost two years and am so grateful to Noelle for helping to keep me pain and stress free.  Katie Hart
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